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Who are we?

With aspiration, each member of the Auden team strives for cooperation opportunities with clients. With a rousing, positive, innovative teamwork atmosphere, we endeavor to upgrade our competitive advantages diligently and unremittingly.

We dedicate ourselves to meeting our clients' needs, to remain their most professional and competitive partner, and to achieve mutually beneficial excellence.

We orient ourselves as the navigator in radio frequency technology, and aim to create a brighter future for wireless technology.


What do we do?

Since 1981, Auden Techno Corp. has been focusing its efforts on the R&D, design, and manufacturing of radio frequency technology, starting from the car radio antenna.

With a professional management team, strong research and development strength, and solid RF core ability, we have been carrying out various wireless application developments in the market for years. From CB electronic antenna to mobile phone GSM antenna to wireless local-area network (WLAN) antenna; from Ultra Wideband antenna to RFID application antenna; and from miniature multi-frequency antenna module to 4G LTE/MIMO technology, to biological electromagnetic wave, we continuously commit ourselves to wireless communications antenna efficiency technology, customization design, and manufacturing capability. Our product application covers: mobile communications, automotive electronics, Internet communications, the digital family, and industrial applications.

At the same time, we have also extended our business to the measurement-related development field, including investment in researching, developing advanced measurement hardware and software equipment, and constructing Taiwan's first SAR testing laboratory. In recent years, we have been actively expanding professional testing and certification laboratories together with manufacturers possessing the highest credibility, and providing clients with complete pre-development testing and post-development authentication services.

We are actively engaged in cooperation with world-class technology companies in related fields, and serve as the agency for RF measurement instruments and equipment of world standard class. In terms of new measurement equipment and relevant laws and regulations, we always strive to obtain first-hand information to help create added value for clients, and to meet their productivity and delivery demands. By actively prompting industrial integration, we provide the best one-stop service in technical support and integration solutions for our clients.

To construct the main market planning and management system, Auden successively established offices in major overseas markets, including China, the US, and South Korea, providing clients with flexible, satisfactory and quick service.


Culture and Mission


We consider people as our most important asset and value teamwork because we trust each other. For our clients, we continually strive to meet their targets, fulfilling our commitment to them. As for the manufacturers with whom we cooperate, we treat them with respect, to maintain a win-win situation.

Honesty is the cornerstone of mutual cooperation in regard to all partnerships; it consolidates the foundation for sustainable management!

Innovation is the motivational power maintaining our competitiveness. With the rapid changes in wireless applications, we continuously devote ourselves to the development of new products, innovative thinking and long-term vision; as well as building a first-class R&D team, actively recruiting and cultivating talents, establishing a complete patent blueprint, investing in R&D technologies, and channeling our growth energy.


Mission We are in the heart of the service sector of the science and technology industry, and our unfaltering aim is to provide efficiency improvement and client satisfaction.

"There is no perfect status; always seek improvement."
We place clients first, and insist on service promotion and quality perfection, without limit.



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