The Ultimate Compliance Solution

  • Description
cSARD6 is the smart solution for fast and accurate SAR. cSARD6 integrates cSAR3D with DASY6 and adds new features to create a fully automated and powerful SAR compliance system. It provides the speed of cSAR3D and the DASY6 advantages of precision, versatility and full compatibility with all international SAR measurement standards.
  • Applications

cSARD6 is the fastest system for demonstrating SAR compliance with all of the worldwide SAR test standards.

  • Features
  • cSAR3D-A + DASY6 fastest speed + best accuracy combined system
  • dual-use robot
    – cSAR3D-A: gripper attachment
    – DASY6: dosimetric probe attachment “
  • fast compliance solution
  • Standards Compatibility
  • Compatible with all international and national SAR standards, e.g., IEC 62209-1, IEC 62209-2, IEEE 1528, CE and FCC regulations, etc.
  • hearing aid compatibility (HAC) standards, e.g., ANSI-C63.19
  • base-station standards, e.g., IEC 62232
  • medical implant standards, e.g., ISO TS 19074
  • near-field testing requirements, e.g., IEEE C95.3, EN 50392, EN 50357, etc.
  • IEC 62209-3 draft standard
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