The Gold Standard SAR Testing and Beyond

  • Description
DASY6 is the latest generation of the Dosimetric Assessment SYstem optimized for specific absorption rate (SAR) measurements, SAR compliance, and HAC evaluations. DASY6 builds on the power of our industry-leading dosimetric and near-field evaluation system, DASY52. Running on a significantly more robust platform and a more powerful measurement server, DASY6 offers much faster scanning with no sacrifice of measurement precision. All hardware and software are fully compatible with DASY52. The new system seamlessly integrates two software solutions, the novel cDASY V6.x – optimized for SAR compliance testing to significantly reduce SAR assessment costs – and the widely used DASY V5.2 for generalized near-field evaluations with maximized flexibility.
  • Applications

DASY6 is a flexible, high-precision near-field scanner equipped with advanced software for performing any near-field scan in arbitrary volumes in free-space or any dielectric media.

  • Features
  • Compatible with all international and national standards
  • Unique Solution for Compliance Testing from 4 MHz — 110 GHz
  • Full Integration of Specific Phantoms
  • Standards Compatibility
  • Compatible with all international and national SAR standards, e.g., IEC 62209-1, IEC 62209-2, IEEE 1528, CE and FCC regulations, etc.
  • all international and national standards for power-density above 10 GHz, e.g., IEC TR 63170, FCC, etc.
  • all international and national standards for wireless power transfer, e.g., IEC 63184, etc
  • all international and national standards for IoT, e.g., IEEE 1528.7 guide, etc.
  • hearing aid compatibility (HAC) standards, e.g., ANSI-C63.19
  • base-station standards, e.g., IEC 62232
  • medical implant standards, e.g., ISO TS 19074
  • near-field testing requirements, e.g., IEEE C95.3, EN 50392, EN 50357, etc.
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