Auden Profile

Who We Are​

The predecessor of Auden was established in 1981 and started designing and manufacturing of car radio AM/FM Antenna. 

We was the first NEC Siemens 1G mobile phone supply chain in 1986. 

Renamed and officially registered Auden Techno Corp.  in 1990. 


Auden Group is the world’s leading service provider of wireless technology communication.

Over the years, we have been devoting to technology development of designing and manufacturing of wireless communications. Relying on professional team management and strong RF core competence, we have achieved various types of wireless application development in the market.


Auden Group’s development is based on communication technology, with cross-disciplinary expansion and integration services.

Including Wireless Communication Business, Equipment Marketing Business, Smart  Link 5G mmW Business, Testing and Certification Services Business, Green Energy Business and Information Security Services.


Modular Integration Service

We work with our customers to develop variety of wireless communication applications, covering consumer products, Network, Internet of Things, Internet of Vehicles, smart homes, industrial applications and biomedical electronics.

From technical development of antennas / modules to mass production,

To the new generation measurement equipment, regulatory information and software and hardware service solutions,

And to the product verification and certification,

We provide modular and flexible customized services and integrated total solutions.

We help customers’ products launch in time and on time.

We position ourselves as a service industry in the technology industry, and constantly pursue that we should get better and better, because we believe- Perfect Status, always seek for the better.


All our teams are full of enthusiasm,
Pursue every opportunity to work with customers.
With an inspiring, positive and innovative team atmosphere,
Strive to improve the competitive advantage.

Go all out and focus on achieving customer goals.

Committed to being the most professional and competitive partner of our customers.

Achievements are excellent for each other.

Vision​ & Mission​

Being a Global leader in key technologies for wireless communications and sensing components.

Being the long-term trusted and loyal partner of our customers in the field of mobile communications, the Internet of Things and biomedical Core value of the enterprise

Core Value​

This is our most fundamental and most important principle. Once we promise our customers, we will do our best. For suppliers, we choose and respect them with a prudent and objective attitude. Integrity is the basic requirement for evaluation. For internal employees, we regard employees as The most important assets, mutual trust, value of team value, we use the first character.

Innovation is the driving force behind our ability to maintain competition and growth. In addition to continuing to innovate in technology and products, we are pursuing all-round innovative thinking, effectively implementing ideas and making changes.

Business Philosophy​

Honest and modest

Most of the company’s daily operations are in the “people”. We regard employees as the most important assets of the company. It is our fundamental philosophy to treat all stakeholders with integrity. The modest attitude is our principle of strengthening our strength.

Quality first
Service in place
Beyond expectation

With excellent quality, we can beyond demand and expectations of our customers and Win the high satisfaction of the service.

Mutual trust and cooperation
value team value

Whether it is internal or external cooperation, We uphold the stand of mutual support and mutual trust, complete every project and task, and create value for the company and the team.

Pursuit of sustainable management

We know that business management is an endless endurance race.

We must maintain a certain speed, maintain the physical strength and endurance to continue, and do a short, medium and long-term strategy and planning, so that we can continue to grow and break at every stage.

Caring for employee benefits and safeguarding shareholders' rights, contributing to humanity and trying to give back to society

We provide employees with reasonable levels of benefits and to obtain reasonable investment returns for the shareholders of the investment company.

Take from society, Give back to society.  We will contribute to humanity as much as possible and give back to the society

Organizational Team ​

Mile Stone

Discover our Corporate Mile Stone & Achievement from the Predecessor of Auden in 1981 until today.

Global Base​


Auden Techno Corp.
Address: No. 19, Lane 772, Heping Road, Bade District, Taoyuan City, 334
Phone: 886-3-3631901
Fax: 886-3-3660619

Smart Link Business
Phone: 886-3-3631901
Fax: 886-3-3660619

Instrument Sales Division
Phone: 886-3-3631901
Fax: 886-3-3660619


Instrument Sales Division
Auden Techno Corp.(Shanghai)
Address: Room 225, Building A, 5th District, Honghualing Industrial Zone, Taoyuan Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Phone: +86 755 8270 4891

Auden Communications & Multimedia Techno (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.
201-202, 2nd Floor, Building A, 5th District, Honghualing Industrial Zone, Taoyuan Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Zip code: 518173
Landline: 0755-8653-9953


Instrument Sales Division
Auden Techno Corp.(Shanghai)
Address: Room 301,  Floor3,  Building 2, No.889 Bibo Road, China(Shanghai )pilot free trade zone
Phone: +86 21 6163 1930~3


E1-02, Block D, Zhongxing Industrial Park, No. 10, Tangyan South Road, High-tech Zone, Xi'an
Landline: Telecom: 180 9256 9129 Fax: 029-81596330
Telecom: 180 9256 9211


Auden Communications & Multimedia Techno (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.
Address: NO.15 Ying Bing Road Zhou Shi Town Kun Shan Jiang Su China
Zip code: 215313
Phone: 86-512-57646998
Fax: 86- 0512-5764-0267


Auden Techno Corp.(Shanghai)
Address: 9th Floor, 36 Haidian West Street, Haidian District, Beijing, China
Phone: +86 21 6163 1930~3



耀登科技自民國 79 年成立於桃園八德以來,已擁有 25 年專業天線設計製造之能力,並獲得世界各大廠的合作與認可。耀登以天線為基礎,多角化經營相關事業,從基礎天線設計製造,擴展至電磁波量測認證 (於民國 92 年獨立為晶復科技) 與相關設備代理,提供客戶從設計、製造、認證之一站式服務,晉身為製造業服務化之經營模式。

公司營運逐漸穩定成長後,耀登科技認為關懷地球、照顧員工及回饋社會方是企業永續經營之道,於是耀登科技成立炳南慈善協會,由企業出資、鼓勵員工擔任志工的方式,與聖保祿醫院合作在鄉里間舉辦健康檢查活動,並與野望國際自然傳播學社合作,共同主辦 2015 台灣野望國際自然影展-桃園市校園巡迴影展,希望透過觀賞國際級生態影片,在學生心中種下環保愛地球的種子,迄今已累計超過 3800 名師生共同參與,預計在影展結束前可達成巡迴撥映 50 場之目標。希望在未來這顆希望的種子能夠持續生根、發芽、茁壯、成長,為地球、為人類盡一份心、出一份力。

Corporate Social Responsibility

Every Business, everyone has the ability
to change the world as long as it is willing to take action.

It is not only our responsibility

to employees and shareholders to fulfill our CSR
but also responsible for clients and consumers
even more to make responsibility for social and economic stability.

Industrial safety and environmental responsibility​

We promise to do our best for the following policies as guidelines:

Industrial Safety Policy

Environmental Policy