Mile Stone

  • Set up the first 5G ORAN Testing Lab that Meets O-RAN Alliance Specifications and Has Security Testing Capabilities in Taiwan
  • Verified Lab by Chunghwa Telecom
  • World No.1 Open Testing and Integration Centre (OTIC) Third-Party Testing Lab Approved by the O-RAN Alliance, and the Only One OTIC Lab in Asia
  • Became WHALETEQ Agent for Test Solutions for Vital Signs Medical Devices
  • 5G mmW 39 & 28GHz Dual-Polarization AiP Module
  • Grant TAF & PLMN12 5G NR Testing Certification Qualifications
  • Auden Techno Corp. IPO
  • Approved 5G Project of A+ Industrial Innovation R&D Program,DOIT Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Granted the Certificate for IATF 16949:2016 Automotive Quality Management System Standard
  • Verified Lab by Xiaomi
  • Built Up mmW Compact Rang OTA Testing Lab
  • the First 5G mmW 28GHz & 39GHz Single-Polarization AiP Module in Taiwan
  • All-Round Developing mmW Antenna Module Designing、5G Test Solutions、5G Modulation Measurement Systems for FCC Regulations
  • Verified Lab by Lenovo
  • Established Test Business in Shenzhen China
  • Built Up Advanced mmW 10-110GHz Power Density Measurement System
  • Awarded SME CSR, Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards, known as the『Perseverance Nobel Prize』
  • Approved 4G Project of the Development of New Leading Products Program, DOIT Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Established Test Business in Xi’an China
  • Approved from DOIT Ministry of Economic Affairs in Industrial Technology Foresight Research Program to Set Up Foresight Research Center
  • approved by NCC & TAF as a Regulatory Certification Body (RCB)
  • Established Distribution Business in Shanghai China
  • Verified Lab by Nokia
  • Verified Lab by Motorola
  • Verified Lab by Vodafone
  • First CTIA OTA Lab in Taiwan
  • the World’s smallest 5-Band Miniaturized Antenna Design Solution into Market
  • Spun off from Auden, A Test Lab (ATL) Being 3rd Party Testing Lab
  • Established a JV Test Lab with China Government TMC in Shanghai, China
  • Established Antenna Manufacturing Base in Kunshan, China
  • Became Schmid & Partner Engineering AG (SPEAG) Agent for SAR Certification System,Set Up Distribution Business and First Adopted into Taiwan & China Market
  • First Approved Project of the Program of Development of New Leading Products by Ministry of Economic Affair ( Internal Multi-Frequency Mobile Phone Antenna Development Plan)
  • First SAR Lab in Taiwan,and entrusted by MOTC ( now NCC ) to Develop Regulations
  • First 11.a Wi-Fi Patch Antenna Provider to Symbol
  • Renamed and Officially Registered in 1990
  • Became the First Antenna Designning Vendor of NEC-Siemens 1G Mobile Phone Supply Chain in 1986
  • The Predecessor of Auden Was Established in 1981,Started Designing and Manufacturing of Car Radio AM/FM Antenna
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