3-D full-wave electromagnetic and computational life sciences simulation software.

  • Description
Sim4Life is a revolutionary simulation platform, combining computable human phantoms with the most powerful physics solvers and the most advanced tissue models, for directly analyzing biological real-world phenomena and complex technical devices in a validated biological and anatomical environment. The Sim4Life platform also offers leading performance with all the features expected from a multiphysics CAE/TCAD platform.
  • Solution
  • MRI: for MRI RF Coil Design,Gradient coil Design, etc.
  • Hyperthermia
  • RF Tumor Ablation
  • SAR Assessment
  • Transcranial Magnetic or Current Stimulation
  • EM Neuro-Stimulation
  • Active and Passive Implants MRI Safety,SAR Assessment
  • General Fluid Dynamics of Single Phase Liquids
  • (Bio-)Microfluidics
  • Safety & Efficacy Assessment of Ultrasonic Devices for Therapeutic Purposes
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