Auden Group Launches Employee Stock Ownership Trust (ESOT) Program

We are excited to announce that Auden Group has partnered with Mega Bank to launch an Employee Stock Ownership Trust (ESOT) program in collaboration with our parent company, Auden Technology, and its subsidiaries, Auray Technology and Auden Intelligence Carbon Solution. This initiative is designed to reward employees based on their performance and contributions, providing various levels of company contributions to the trust fund. This program ensures that our employees can share in the company’s success, enhancing their sense of belonging and loyalty.

In response to the challenges posed by declining birth rates and an aging society, Auden Group is committed to sustainable development by actively improving employee benefits and focusing on talent retention. By implementing the ESOT, we aim to increase overall employee well-being and recognition within the group. It also allows our subsidiary employees to reap the benefits of stock ownership earlier, securing their future retirement.

Our management philosophy emphasizes people-centric values, teamwork, and sustainable operations. This year, we have integrated the ESOT into our employee benefits plan, showcasing our dedication to creating a happy working environment. This move not only transforms our employees into shareholders, sharing in the company’s growth, but also enhances their future financial security, boosts morale, and promotes labor-management harmony, ultimately supporting the company’s long-term sustainability.

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