Auden Launches New Solution at ComNext 2024 for Adopting 5G NTN in Private Networks

Addressing the signal range challenge of many Beyond 5G networks, antenna and low-earth orbit satellite expert is facilitating adoption of 5G NTN in smaller private networks


As mobile communications speeds grow and Beyond 5G and 6G networks develop, signal range and coverage are growing challenges — and ones that low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites have great potential to solve. To extend coverage as well as speeds, Auden Techno Group, an industry-leading antenna and connectivity solutions provider, is announcing its latest solution for expanding private 5G networks through non-terrestrial infrastructure, to be showcased at the upcoming ComNext 2024 expo in Tokyo. Known for cutting-edge capabilities in 5G antenna and satellite technologies, Auden’s new solution combines both — its leading-edge LEO satellite user terminal and an all-new 5G NR Open RAN radio unit (O-RU) — to accelerate private 5G networks of all sizes running mission-critical communications.


To explore partnering with Auden to supercharge private 5G networks, please visit Booth 11-6 at ComNext 2024 (Tokyo Big Sight, June 26-28).


“Auden remains focused on extending the range of B5G and 6G networks through LEO satellites and non-terrestrial networks [NTN],” comments Daniel Chang, Chairman of Auden. “With the new O-RAN-certified radio unit and our LEO user terminal combined, we are empowering network providers of all sizes to explore integrating high-speed 5G capabilities into their private networks at any scale. Such infrastructure rounds out terrestrial networks to ensure complete channels are available for mission-critical functions.”


New 5G NR O-RAN radio unit

On display at ComNext 2024 and now available, the all-new 5G NR Open RAN RU is an ideal entry point for 5G adoption. It is a modular white box solution based on an ARM CPU and with a customizable management plane, enabling rapid deployment and scalability when testing out 5G capabilities on smaller private NTNs.

With options on N78 and N79 bands, the RU features a 4T4R MIMO antenna for greater signal coverage and transmission performance. Actual uplink and downlink bandwidth performance reaches up to 1 Gbps / 150 Mbps, and the communication interface provides 1 Gbps Ethernet and 10 Gbps SPF+ connections. The unit also is ready for semi-outdoor use with IP54 certification.

Known as an advocate for openness, interoperability, and the Open RAN (O-RAN) Alliance, Auden’s subsidiary Auray Technology (Auray OTIC and Security Lab) has certified the radio unit according to O-RAN Opt. 7.2 specifications.


LEO satellite user terminals

Combined with the radio unit, Auden’s satellite user terminals can be connected to LEO and geostationary orbit (GEO) constellations to extend coverage of terrestrial networks to remote locations, such as rural areas, unmanned factories, disaster zones, and maritime vessels. With various throughput options up to 200 Mbps, the user terminals deliver the speed, range, and reliability for mission critical applications on private 5G networks, such as emergency services, Industry 4.0 and IoT, defense and military applications, maritime industries, logistics, and transportation.


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Established in 1981, Auden is a leading provider of connectivity solutions based in Taiwan. Continuously striving to advance the connectivity industry worldwide, the company provides comprehensive technical and service support in the wireless communication market, spanning antenna design & manufacturing, system-level integration, wireless product testing, laboratory & security, and green energy. Recently, Auden was recognized on the Forbes “Best Under a Billion 2023” list for its achievements that have moved the connectivity and telecommunications industries forward.


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