Auden Group Hones the Cutting Edge of Antenna Design at MWC 2023

Auden Group, a leading provider of connectivity solutions based in Taiwan, is attending MWC Barcelona 2023 (Hall 5, Booth 5J64) to showcase its technological breakthroughs that are accelerating high-frequency 5G and wireless communications worldwide. Always pushing the cutting edge of antenna design, the brand is holding live demos of the solutions that achieved these milestones — including the 28GHz mmWave RF front-end antenna module that delivers high-frequency mmWave antenna technology at scale and the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) User Terminals that advance satellite broadband services.


Elevating 5G Frequency Capabilities: 28GHz mmWave

Unlocking higher frequencies of 5G means higher speeds, and Auden’s 28GHz mmWave RF front-end antenna module demoed at MWC is a breakthrough therein. This solution uses 256QAM signal over-the-air transmission to allow its phased array antenna to deliver beamforming with excellent performance from rapid beam steering. Antenna designs, particularly phased arrays, use beamforming to solve path loss issues common at the higher frequencies of 5G mmWave, while enabling the creation of high-frequency 5G mmWave networks and Radio Frequency Identification.


Advancing LEO User Terminal Design for Enterprise and Marine Applications

For satellite broadband service via LEO networks, Auden is also spotlighting the LEO User Terminal, a 32 x 32 antenna array module with 2D beam scan capabilities, which the brand has successfully moved from the proof of concept stage to being ready for mass production in record time. In addition, a Marine LEO User Terminal project is in the pipeline, designed for marine applications in the future, together with Electronically Steered Array (ESA) for maintaining stability of marine solutions in rough seas.


5G MIMO Combo Antenna for Rugged Devices and V2X

Auden adds immense value to its Sub6 & 5G MIMO antenna designs through customizing them for particular applications. To highlight this, the brand is exhibiting its phased array antenna with integrated movement tracking, which was built to enhance high-mobility applications like vehicle-to-everything (V2X). For rugged devices, its bespoke slot antenna design is ideal for metal-encased devices, and a rotating antenna design offers a low profile for compact spaces. The company will also be discussing more on both embedded and external antenna designs tailored to verticals like V2X and global navigation satellite systems (GNSS).

Lastly, Auden is showcasing advanced testing products such as Dielectric Assessment KitSystems and health wearables testing solutions at the show.


A Key Player Empowering Telecoms and Beyond

As a pioneer in the wireless communications industry, Auden partners with top global telecoms companies and plays a key role in their communications infrastructure. For example, the brand collaborates with a major satellite broadband service provider that counts on Auden’s LEO User Terminals for enterprise users. Through providing customers cost-effective antenna designs tailored to a specific vertical, Auden has been particularly successful in the market for rugged device antennas, in which it has the top market share. The company’s impact on the Open RAN ecosystem is also outstanding, as its subsidiary Auray recently became the world’s first Open Testing and Integration Centre (OTIC) to issue the 5G OPEN RAN radio unit certification.


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