Auden has secured a spot on Forbes Asia’s 200 Best Under a Billion for 2023

This year’s annual Best Under A Billion list recognizes 200 small and midsized publicly traded companies in the region that outperformed despite stiff global headwinds like inflation and rising funding costs. The standouts are concentrated in chipmaking and related industries. Demand for semiconductors, found in everyday items like smartphones, appliances and cars, skyrocketed in the past three years with the accelerating adoption of AI technologies—although the market is expected to soften somewhat this year as supply constraints ease. Other top performers on our list include companies delivering IT solutions that underpin the digital transformation of healthcare, logistics and manufacturing, and other industries. Meanwhile, businesses that rely on consumer spending, such as restaurants, entertainment and sports, continued to see an uptick in sales as Covid-19 restrictions faded away. This year’s list includes 58 returnees from the previous year.


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