Auden to Demonstrate Latest 5G Module and Showcase 5G Total Solution at IEEE GLOBECOM 2020 & 6G Submit
Time : 202012/8-10
Venue : Taipei TICC

Auden Group deeply dedicating to the R&D, design and manufacture of wireless communication products over 30 years, is a leading integrated total solutions provider.  We provide comprehensive land, sea and air coverage capabilities to our customers from high-performance embedded antenna & module designing technology, to the advanced software and hardware measurement tools and equipment, regulatory information to product testing and global certification. 

At IEEE Globecom 2020, Auden will bring a full range of 5G products and services under four key themes:  

  • Auden’s offers testing turnkey solutions, cover 5G measurement, SAR measurement, high-frequency material measurement (iProphet), biomedical and electromagnetic simulation software, implant/MRI environmental safety assessment, physiological signal detection (EEG, ECG, wearable devices, etc.) acoustic measurement, EMC measurement and RF wireless measurement, etc., to provide customers with all-round measurement equipment required.
  • Auden’s 5G MIMO antenna solution can provide higher transmission capacity and can be quickly imported and used in various types of wireless communication products.

        Auden’s vehicle antenna module with 5G technology is the best solution to help cars to achieve autopilot.

  • Auden’s 5G mmWave solutions including LUNA series for mmWave frequency converter and MARS, and PHOBOS, series is the array antenna module with integrated U/D converter for mmWave small cell, and CPE applications. The key advantages of our products are highly integration and easily control of the beam-switching behavior, for example, the beam-switching behavior can be easily controlled by the laptop computer.
  • And the last mile for products to successfully enter the market is product testing and global certifications cover 163 countries. 

Auden Group provides the One-Stop Shop in House, Integrated Modular Solutions to let customers’ products can quickly enter the market in time.