cDASY6 Module SAR V6.12: Automate Your Testing Workflow

This new release allows for quicker, easier, and customized compliance testing with the API Option, supports additional 5G NR FR1 communication systems, and includes many more improvements

With the release of cDASY6 Module SAR V6.12, SPEAG pushes on to provide customers with more efficient specific absorption rate (SAR) compliance testing. Thanks to the new application programming interface (API), users can now customize the testing workflow of their DASY6 systems. Compliance measurements become:
● quicker, as all repetitive tasks can be automated
● easier, as cDASY6 can be adjusted to any workflow
● more reliable, as the same procedure can be duplicated across different DASY6 systems
Other additions and improvements include:
● support of new 5G New Radio (NR) communication systems
● user-friendly robot commands
● more flexible scan settings

Automated Measurements with the API Option

The API Option is specifically designed to increase your efficiency when performing SAR compliance testing with your DASY6 system. Typical use cases are:
● integration of user-specific tools (e.g., test software) to set the device-under-test (DUT) in the desired transmission mode without interrupting the measurement sequence
● dynamic decisions about the next scan to allow automation of customized test reduction procedures

To achieve these workflow optimizations, an API Server that enables remote control of DASY6 via HTTP requests is integrated in V6.12. End-users can automate their measurement procedures through custom scripts.

The API Option is compatible with a broad range of programming languages and operating systems. The most common instructions are already available (e.g., perform a scan, extract SAR results, generate a report). This library of instructions will be extended in future releases.

The Jupyter notebooks available in the cDASY6 API Tutorial guide users to develop optimized scripts for each application. In the video below, the BNN Test & Calibration Laboratory in Delhi demonstrates how the new API Option is used to automate SAR measurements with cDASY6.
Note that SPEAG is developing an API Option for cDASY6 Module mmWave, to be released in Q3/2020.

Communication Systems: 5G Ready!

Support for the first set of 5G New Radio Frequency Range 1 (5G NR FR1) communication systems was released in October 2019 with cDASY6 V6.10. In V6.12, the communication systems database was extended to include frequency-division duplex (FDD) signals. Most importantly, from now on, the communications system library can be updated in the software without having to wait for a new release. Future versions will be available for download at SPEAG’s website.

User Friendly Robot Commands

All robot commands have been thoroughly reviewed and made more user-friendly in cDASY6 V6.12. The following robot commands are now available:
● “Move to a predefined point inside the phantom section” (i.e., “Section Home” point)
● “Move to a predefined point above the phantom section” (i.e., “Section Park” point)
● “Move to a user-defined point” (i.e., “Global Park”)

More Flexible Scan Settings

Based on valuable customer feedback, SPEAG has added new scanning features to cDASY6 V6.12:
● The Time Averaged Scan and the DUT Stability Test can be anchored to any scan type and can, therefore, be performed in any phantom
● Area Scans can be anchored to the maximum number of Fast Area Scans for further scan time savings
● For Fast Volume Scans in specific phantoms the measurement grid can be previewed, even when the default grid steps are not being used; the area used for post-processing is limited to the measurement area
● For Wrist and Ankle phantoms, the measurement grid is now better centered with respect to the DUT

Performance Improvements

cDASY6 V6.12 includes many other small but important advancements to improve the measurement experience. In particular, the amount of memory used by the software is dramatically reduced, making it more responsive after a long session of measurements

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