Entering a New World with cDASY6 Module mmWave V2.0

Two new powerful software packages in cDASY6 allow accurate power density compliance testing on the SAM phantoms for the first time

It took one idea, two years of focused research, and three dedicated people to make the impossible possible: we are pleased to announce that as of today, all DASY users will be able to compute the total field in the half space above the measurement planes from only a few electric (E-) field amplitude measurements!

The corresponding new methods and algorithms developed by the IT’IS Computational Electromagnetic Group are now accessible as stand-alone software packages in Module mmWave V2.0 of our cDASY6 software. The two new Options consist of:

the FTE(Forward Transform Evaluation) Option that enables power density (PD) assessment on the SAM Heads or any other virtual surface from a single measurement

the MEO(Maximum Exposure Optimizer) Option that computes the maximum PD for complex devices with phased-array antennas from a very limited set of measurements

This is a giant leap forward in mmWave compliance testing as the combination of the two new options not only makes accurate PD compliance testing on the SAM possible, it also saves users weeks of test time!

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