cSAR3D V5.0: Real-Time SAR (0.3 s) from 300 MHz to 10 GHz

Today we present the most fundamental advancement of vector array specific absorption rate (SAR) technology since the official introduction of cSAR3D in 2013: cSAR3D V5.0.

cSAR3D V5.0 performs three 3D SAR measurements per second making it orders of magnitude faster than any other vector array system.

The frequency range has been extended to 300 MHz ‒ 10 GHz and two advanced algorithms have been integrated to evaluate current and future time-averaging SAR management implementations.


cSAR3D V5.0 is not only fast, reliable, real-time and precise but also extremely easy to use.

Detailed information including a user video can be found on our website.


Revolutionary cSAR3D V5.0: Real-Time SAR for Advanced TAS » SPEAG, Schmid & Partner Engineering AG


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