EASY6 – DASY6 Technology for Any Setup

SPEAG’s redesigned Exposure Acquisition SYstem V6 (EASY6) offers maximal flexibility, ease of use, and customized integration of up to 16 of SPEAG’s E-/H-field, SAR, and temperature probes to help you achieve precision in your daily laboratory measurement tasks.

In response to increased demand for high-precision electric (E-) and magnetic (H-) field and specific absorption rate (SAR) measurements in customized setups, SPEAG released EASY6. With EASY6, we provide our customers with an easy-to-use solution to manage the application of SPEAG’s miniature multi-purpose near-field probes for direct field measurements or for integration in your own automated measurement system. EASY6 is optimally suited for monitoring and controlling strong radiofrequency (RF) fields and/or hostile electromagnetic (EM) environments found, e.g., in open-sites, anechoic chambers, EM compatibility laboratories, reverberation chambers, as well as in clinical and biomedical applications.

SPEAG’s highly resistive diode-loaded probes are known to be the most accurate probes for measurement of RF E- and H-fields, SAR, and temperature. The probes are connected to the shielded data acquisition electronics (EASY6-DAE) that is both smaller and lighter than its predecessor EASY4-DAE. EASY6-DAE processes the sensor data and communicates via a custom-made optically active cable – which can be up to 20 m in length – with the remote unit (EASY6-RU) connected via USB to a PC. Two EASY6-DAEs can be connected to each EASY6-RU at the same time. Furthermore, the current EASY6 software simultaneously supports up to eight different EASY6-RUs, i.e., up to 16 probes.

The plug-and-play system is configured for use with the intuitive EASY6 software (EASY6-SW-V1). Any measurement profiles can be defined, and all measured data can be exported. It also has a powerful application programming interface (API) that allows the integration of EASY6 into any custom-made measurement setup for automated measurements.

Curious about how it works? Check out our EASY6 video below and visit our webpage to learn more about the specifications.



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