Maintenance Update DASY8/6 Module SAR

In this important maintenance release for DASY8/6 Module SAR, the latest regulatory requirements for compliance testing for the frequency range 6 – 10 GHz have been implemented. We strongly recommend installing this new software version on all DASY8/6 systems to ensure compatibility with all national and international standards.


The main new features are:

  • Display of the psSAR8g as per RSS-102 SPR-APD
  • APD correction to tissue simulating liquid (TSL) targets


Based on your valuable feedback, the usability of the software has been improved at the same time. The most important of the other fixes:

  •  The applied corrections for liquids deviating from the target parameters are now more transparent, e.g., the user can now disable the use of SAR correction specific to capacitively coupled sources
  • Additional tags have been added to ease reporting tasks
  • The occasionally occurring SW crash when combining scans with non-defined categories has been fixed


The simplified measurement procedure is described in this application note.
The DASY8/6 installer and manual are available for download on our website.
For further information, please contact us at