Speed up!!! Auden facilitates the O-RAN supply chain.

Speed up!!!

Auden facilitates the O-RAN supply chain.

 Collaborating with Keysight to bring in the first O-RAN testing equipment in Taiwan.


Auden, as the member of the 5G Industrial Innovation and Development Alliance and also the O-RAN Alliance, declared that this collaboration with Keysight, the American company, which is known for its electronic measurement equipment.

Auden is the first and only company which imported Keysight O-RAN testing equipment including O-DU Emulator, 4G/5G Core Emulator, O-RU Emulator, UE Emulator and Test UE by the end of March to provide conformance test,interoperability test and end-to-end test.


At the beginning of 2018, O-RAN was established by telecom companies from various countries to reduce telecom companies’ reliance on major international traditional Netcom equipment manufacturers. Take the United States as an example, it planned to invest US$1 billion to establish the Open Radio Access Network Alliance (O-RAN) and develop open network technology in the early stage to avoid the concentration of technology in the hands of a few companies.


Following the trend of developing open radio access network, Taiwan hardware companies take the action one after another.  According to the research of ITRI, it is estimated that the global 5G mobile infrastructure market will reach US$21.4 billion in 2021, with an annual growth rate of 35.7%, and the Asia-Pacific market has the largest demand

With 5G FR2 and Sub 6G antenna array module technologies , Auden takes O-RAN worldwide tide as a chance for Taiwan industry. Taiwan has advantages of complete components and communication module technology.However compatibility between different vendors would be a challenge. Therfore, it is very important that Auden provides specific individual tests of O-CU, O-DU and O-RU or integrated testing, even  End-to-End system testing. “We are glad this collaboration could directly assist Open RAN industry development and also provide the reliable and effective testing environment. ”Taiwan Keysight Chairman Allen Chang said.


Last but not least, Auden expects O-RAN Alliance could enhance Taiwan communication industry development. “Auden is able to accelerate the development of Taiwan industry by reason of planning to set up a open testing field to assit vendors to test, validate and intergrate their O-RAN based products and solutions. ” Chairman of Auden Daniel Chang said.

Keysight website, here: (https://www.keysight.com)