SEMCAD X Matterhorn Release V19.2 (Part of Sim4Life V6.2)

Significant improvements to the user experience and much more: here’s what’s new in SEMCAD X Matterhorn V19.2, SPEAG’s specialized subpackage of Sim4Life for electromagnetics:

  • advanced standard-compatible mmWave features synchronized with DASY8/6 Module mmWave
  • novel Huygens source feature allowing improved collaboration and IP protection of active and passive modules
  • enhanced functionality for simulating induced electric fields from measured data (DASY8/6 Module WPT)
  • improved Python 3 and VSCode extensions

Explore all exciting new features of SEMCAD X Matterhorn V19.2


Please note that you can always upgrade to Sim4Life V6.2 to extend your simulation capabilities to different physics/tissue models and to the Virtual Population for realistic evaluations of complex human anatomy.

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