Sim4Life Release V7.2

Our latest Sim4Life version, which is ready for download on our website as of today!


V7.2 is packed with important new features:

  • Sim4Life scripting: now with the power and flexibility of JupyterLab
  • Exposures: efficient handling of pulsed exposures (including modulated sources in thermal and neuro simulations)
  • Thermal simulations: >50x faster thanks to GPU acceleration
  • MRI safety: streamlined IMAnalytics Suite and Virtual Observation Points for online safety assessment
  • First Sim4Life AI application: fully automated generation of image-based head models for personalized simulations
  • ViP: three new morphed models, ultra-obese
  • Dosimetry/compliance testing: support for the latest and forthcoming IEEE/IEC mmWave APD and SAR standards


Sim4Life V7.2 comes with various additional performance boosts, bugfixes, and other enhancements that enrich the user experience and ease-of-use.


Explore all exciting new features of Sim4Life V7.2 here. The installer can be downloaded here.


For further information, please email us at or call 03-3631901 #810