Sim4Life Major Release V6.0

Sim4Life V6.0 is our latest answer to market and customer requirements for both new effective R&D features and enhanced compliance evaluation tools.

Curious? Here is what’s in it for you:

  1. Neuromodeling: simulate for the first time measurable electrical signals of neural activity in heterogeneous, anisotropic, dielectric environments with the new Neural Sensing Package
  2. MRI safety: benefit from new implant trajectory and placement tools and an improved workflow
  3. ViP/ViZoo: take advantage of our growing number of new and functionalized anatomical models
  4. WPT R&D and compliance testing: increase confidence in your results and eliminate the need for WPT device validation by importing measured files of DASY6/8 Module WPT for advanced exposure evaluation
  5. 5G Transmitter Design: comes with significant speedup and improved workflows and is fully compatible with the latest compliance standards
  6. Achieve immediate results for complex configurations with the fastest HPC/CUDA solvers


Explore the exciting new features of Sim4Life V6.0

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