Wearable Device Integration Solution

Smart wearable devices have become the biggest trend today, and their functions include not only communication functions, data reception / transmission, automatic sensing records, digital and networking, but also the ability to collect and monitor physiological information through long-term data integration and recording. Detect the physiological reaction of the human body, find abnormalities in time and remind them, and establish a complete smart medical treatment and preventive medicine.

As long as the wearable device is equipped with ECG / PPG Heart Rate / SPO2 function (or a device that claims the function of NIBP blood pressure measurement, vascular elasticity detection, arteriosclerosis detection), Yaoden provides repeatable analog signal test , Verify the quality of hardware, software and assembly, in accordance with IEC 60601-2-47 and China YY0885 medical standards.

For the wearable device’s radiated power and receiving sensitivity test (Over The Air), Yao Deng provides corresponding human body model solutions to optimize the design of the device’s transmitting and receiving performance.

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