An after-sales intelligent management system designed for AED distributors, maintainers and leasers. DFS200 field tester measures the electric shock joules, provides compatible defibrillation waveform, and has an embedded battery voltage multimeter for various AEDs brands. In addition, the test data is uploaded to the AIMS by the APP, and it also supports any IoT-enabled AED to upload AED self-test reports to the cloud platform regularly. Long-term recording of AEDs, capable of detecting data, notification of abnormal messages, and dispatching management.


  • Design for AED distributors, maintainers, and leasers
  • High-efficiency, low-cost and high-quality after-sales service
  • Combined with the map and indicator light display function, it manages various AED tests during AED installation, acceptance, overhaul, and troubleshootin
  • Users assign work orders to maintenance engineers directly
  • Manage the maintenance, consumable replacement cycle and automatic reminder setting
  • Customer management: record and query customer information, installation location, customer feedback, etc.
  • Output reports allow users to keep track of installed AED status
  • With IoT function enables to upload of reports to the AIMS regularly




AED-AIMS Benefit Analysis
Items AED-AIMS Traditional AED inspection
Consumables management The system is calculated by itself and sends out a notice in advance to remind the replacement Manual record / excel and others
On-site inspection • Multiple users, multiple fields, and multiple work orders can be managed at the same time 1~2 times / year manual inspection on paper, high error rate
• Maintenance engineers operate with handheld DFS200 and APP
• It can detect the electric shock waveform and the remaining power of the AED, and intelligently analyze the proper condition of the parts
• Synchronous upload of data to AIMS, reducing human error
Device condition With IoT module, it can do real-time detection and report, open abnormal work orders and track them in real-time After the AED self-check abnormality is issued, there is no one to record and report back, and there is no tracking mechanism
Device history The system records the equipment history completely, the processing status of maintenance/consumables/abnormal events for easy access Manual record / excel and others

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