EM phantoms

EM Phantoms are physical models of the human body that accurately reproduce the effect of the body on electromagnetic radiation. SPEAG’s whole and partial body EM phantoms represent humans in term of dielectric properties in a wide range of frequencies from below 10 MHz to above 100 GHz. They enable reproducible and consistent Over-The-Air (OTA) evaluation of wireless devices operating in the proximity of the body.
  • Certification of mobile phone devices according to the CTIA OTA certification standards of Head and Hands phantoms
  • We offers device specidfic phantoms with customised hand grips, postures, anatomy and dielectric properties.
  • Performance evaluation of body area networks and body-worn and wearable devices such as hearing aids, bluetooth headsets, smart glasses, smart watches and smart clothing
  • Inside laboratory GPS testing using phantoms with realistic arm and leg movements e.g. walking and jogging
  • Performance assessment of medical devices with in- or on-body transmitters, wireless physiological sensors and fitness monitoring devices


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