The Ultimate Compliance Solution

DASY8-3D is the smart solution for fast and accurate specific absorption rate (SAR) testing. The system integrates DASY8 with cSAR3D-A and adds new features to create a fully automated and powerful SAR compliance system. DASY83D combines the speed of cSAR3D with the precision and versatility of DASY8 and is fully compatible with all international SAR measurement standards.

DASY8-3D is the fastest system for demonstrating SAR compliance with all SAR test standards worldwide.

  • SAR measurement system that combines the speed of cSAR3D and the high precision of DASY8
  • dual-use robot
    – cSAR3D-A: gripper attachment
    – DASY8: dosimetric probe attachment “
  • fast compliance solution
  • Compatible with all international and national SAR standards, e.g., IEC 62209-1, IEC 62209-2, IEEE 1528, CE and FCC regulations, etc.
  • hearing aid compatibility (HAC) standards, e.g., ANSI-C63.19
  • base-station standards, e.g., IEC 62232
  • medical implant standards, e.g., ISO TS 19074
  • near-field testing requirements, e.g., IEEE C95.3, EN 50392, EN 50357, etc.
  • IEC 62209-3 draft standard

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