UDI is based on a global-recognized coding standard and it uses a series of numbers and alphabets to describe medical device information and provide traceability.

The “UDI Station” (UDI PDS) of WhaleTeq is convenient and fast to complete the UDI system establishment, and it also meets the requirements of regulations and QMS. It is easy to use. After simple training, the personnel can use it immediately. The integration is high and it can be used in production. Online printing and online detection.

The information on medical equipment needs to be properly stored. The storage period is the product’s life after the product is discontinued. UDI information also needs to be stored and inquired.

UDI Station installs the private database computer software and connects the printer to print labels directly. The private database software can store the produced UDI records to the company database. Can be expanded for multiple logins at the same time, and set up data authority management by yourself.

*Easy to use, UDI regulations of various countries
*Multiple company codes and multiple DI, which is convenient and efficiency
*The private database is convenient for recording and sorting, and the information won’t be exposed and leaked. Good job of label management.
*System error-proof design, eliminating human error or file deletion and tampering.
*The high integration for label machines and code scanners can print and detect on the production line directly.
*Software is automatically updated, and don’t miss the latest regulatory requirements and new features upgrade.
*Provide UDI work instructions, procedures, and IQ/OQ/PQ documents, in line with QMS and ISO13485.
*Simply inventory management function for simultaneously doing UDI management, label printing, and inventory management.
*Provide label editing without purchasing additional editing software
*Support multi-country UDI database format files, easy to upload

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