Precision scanner for near-field EMI/EMC analysis with TDS probe technology and 5G mm-wave power density compliance tests.

ICEy is the most advanced reactive near-field EM scanning system offering micrometer precision and a high degree of measurement automation. ICEy is the scanning tool of choice for the compliance testing of 5G millimeter wave transmitters as well as for the analysis of EM interference and compatibility (EMI/EMC) in highly integrated electronics. ICEy provides accurate EM measurements of the device-under-test (DUT) traceable to international calibration standards and also allows independent interlaboratory comparability of EMI/EMC measurement results. ICEy is a turnkey testbed that supports all features for precise, user-friendly, efficient, fast, and highly autonomous near-field analyses, developed in close collaboration with industry for the chipset, EM packaging, mobile communications, and medical markets.
  • ICEy is a turnkey system in which all equipment necessary for high-precision EMI/EMC and 5G mm-wave near-field measurements are highly integrated
  • The ICEy-mmWave module enables power density compliance testing as close as 2 mm from any surface for frequencies from 10 up to 110 GHz with minimal uncertainty using the novel EUmmWV2 probe integrated in ICEy with the DAE4ICEy. The module is compatible with all international and national standards, e.g., IEC TC106 AHG10, FCC, etc.
  • ICEy provides μm scan resolutions, fully traceable calibrated equipment, and specified measurement uncertainties for arbitrary sources.
  • An advanced GUI accelerates measurement and setup by providing efficient guidance for visually planning measurement campaigns based on computer vision support and advanced evaluation libraries. Millions of measurement samples can be acquired within a second.

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