Stand-alone measurement systems for high-precision multi-channel SAR, electric, magnetic, and temperature evaluations.

EASY6/MRI is a complete redesign of our widely used Electromagnetic (EM) Exposure Acquisition System EASY4MRI: it is smaller, more cost-efficient, and directly connects our classic specific absorption rate (SAR) and field probes via an optical link (EASY6-DAE + EASY6-RU) to the computer. The user-friendly EASY6 software allows the acquisition of data from 1–10 probes while each measurement channel is individually characterized and processed. It further enables high precision measurements of the EM near and far field to be collected and stored from low MHz to 10 GHz with high spatial resolution. Like its predecessor, EASY6MRI is designed to work within hostile EM environments, including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners up to 7 Tesla.

Field Measurement Capability

E-field frequency range: 20 – 6000 MHz
dynamic range: 2 – 1000 V/m
directivity: < ±0.3 Db
H-field frequency range: 20 – 3000 MHz
dynamic range: 0.01 – 5 A/m at 128 MHz
directivity: < ±0.2 dB
SAR frequency range: 10 – 6000 MHz
dynamic range: 10 µW/g – 100 W/kg
directivity: < ±0.3 dB
Temp  dynamic range: 0°C – 60°C
noise: < 2 mK (sampling time: 0.1s)
spatial resolution: 1 mm
Sampling Rate < ms – hours  


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