EMF Exposure Systems

The IT’IS Foundation designs and builds electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure systems (sX series, where sX stands for “System for eXposure”) with options for cells (c), vertebrates (v), and humans (h). As the world’s premier provider of these systems, IT’IS offers its long-standing experience in the generation, fine control, and dosimetric evaluation of electromagnetic fields over a wide dynamic range and a variety of signals complying with relevant industry specifications, e.g. cell phone modulations. Our system design ensures maximum homogeneity and supports continuous monitoring of device conditions and environmental parameters, as well as blinded protocols.

• Exposure frequencies from DC to 300 GHz
• Exposure strengths from 1 μW/kg to 1000 W/kg
• AM modulation schemes with signals from subHz to 80 MHz (including sinuosoidal, pulsed, GSM & UMTS, WiFi, radar,combined RF/ELF schemes, etc.)
• Optimized for uniform exposure and defined polarization of incident fields
• Highly user-friendly software for controlling & monitoring exposures
• Continuous data logging of exposures and environmental parameters (e.g., temperature, humidity, oxygen, etc.)
• Support of “blind” and“double blind” protocols
• Rigorously detailed dosimetry including uncertainty analysis
• Technical quality control,maintenance & support

• In vitro sXc(cell) :
• In vivo sXv(animal):
• Human sXh(Human):
• Custom Made Exposure Systems

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