Next Generation 3D compliance SAR Testing System

cSAR3D is the most advanced vector array system for conducting fast, high-precision specific absorption rate (SAR) measurements of wireless devices for testing the compliance of devices with national and international safety guidelines. SAR testing is now faster and easier than ever, with high accuracy within one second, ensuring a quicker entry of your new wireless products in a highly competitive market.
  • Prototype Testing
    ­ use cSAR3D at the workbench to check design modifications on radiofrequency (RF) performance of devices
    ­ quickly analyze SAR measurement statistics
  • Quality Assurance
    ­ run thousands of SAR measurements effortlessly with built-in automation features
    ­ integrate cSAR3D into your production-line quality-assurance (QA) process
    ­ use our remote client to control cSAR3D hardware from third-party software
  • automation of SAR measurement
  • high resolution planar array of 3D sensors
  • < 1 second acquisition, fastest SAR measurement system
  • use cSAR3D as a fast SAR system based on IEC 62209-1/2 and IEEE 1528 standards
  • combine cSAR3D results with the gold standard DASY6 for significant time and cost savings

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