GTS RayZone Chamber

Based on breakthrough theories and system design, RayZone systems can be configured flexibly to conduct any OTA task with the same accuracy and repeatability as a conventional large certification system, but with much higher speed and smaller floor space.

Accurate & Exquisite:
RayZone series integrate near-field, aperture coupling, source reconstruction, and sampling theories and related algorithms. Each model achieves the same quiet zone size as well as the same accuracy and repeatability as those of a large conventional certification system with much smaller floor space. Meanwhile, we pay attention to every detail of RayZone product design and manufacturing procedure, and demand excellence on every aspect of product look & feel and end user experience. We have achieved industry leading system stability and cross-system repeatability.

Simple & Concise:
We challenge the impossible as well as conventional designs and thinking. In addition to excellence, our innovations are driven by relentless pursuit for efficiency and simplicity for both hardware and software. Our goals are to achieve ultimate ease of use and smoothness for your tests, and significantly reduce system maintenance needs and procedures.

Fast & Flexible:
RayZone series operate on MaxSign 100 OTA test automation software which adopts extensive optimization mechanisms to improve test speed. For example, traditional TIS search mechanism can be enhanced with RSSI/RSCP/RSRP, confidence level (CL) or their combination. In addition, our patented SmarTest technology takes a different approach and enhances the test speed by taking advantage of the unique property of each protocol.

Mobile & Short Lead Time:
RayZone 1800 have wheels and are designed to be easily moved around labs and buildings. Different from traditional OTA system, which requires long delivery time and weeks of on-site installation and commissioning, RayZone 1200/1800 systems are fully assembled, calibrated, tested and ready for plug and play in weeks.
  • Support frequency:600MHz~6GHz
  • 1800 Size:1.9*1.8*1.1m(H xW xD)、2800 Size:2.94*3.0*3.0m(H xW xD)
  • Test function:WCDMA, CDMA/CDMA2000, LTE FDD/TDD, Passive, WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth
  • Powerful and fully support for head and hand test
  • Accurate measurement, RF sampling points are doubled
  • Easy upgrade, software update for MIMO testing
  • Connect five instruments at the same time
  • Multilateral asymmetric structure innovation
  • Economical and practical, the best choice for pre-certification testing

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