MRI B1 Measurement system

This system is the first system that allows to measurethe B1+/- field distribution in a real MRI system with a traceable absolute B-field calibration with a measurement uncertainty of better than ±1 dB. The relative measurement uncertainties in terms of the axial ratio and the relative phase of the B1x and B1y are better than 0.4 dB and 3%, respectively. Especially, for latest developments in MRI RF coil design employing multi-transmit systems the presented MRI B1 mapping system will become an indispensable tool for validation and quality assurance.

  • Measurement uncertainty is better than ±1 dB
  • Uncertainties of the axial ratio is better than 0.4 dB
  • Relative phase of the B1x and B1y is better than 3%
  • Parasitic E/H sensitivity <-20 dB (at 2 GHz)
  • Dynamic Range >130 dB at 1 Hz, RBW: 0.3 µA/m -1 A/m
  • Fully compatible with MRI environments up to 9 T.

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