Piecewise eXcitation System for RF-Heating Evaluation of Medical Devices in MRI Environments

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The piX system is designed to demonstrate the radiofrequency (RF) safety of patients during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examination. piX assembles all the instrumentation needed to effectively generate a model of the RF response of an implantable medical device to MRI exposure. The system is in compliance with the Tier 3 procedure of the IEC/ISO TS10974 guidelines and operates in the frequency range from 28 to 150 MHz.
Operating frequency 28 – 150 MHz
piX Excitor Specification Typical output power: 18 dBm
Typical forward and reverse power meter accuracy: 0.2 dB
Minimum coupler directivity= 30 Db
piX Detector Specification (Based on TDS) Typical noise floor: -78 dBm
Dynamic range: >60 dB
Typical linearity: 0.05 dB
Typical phase accuracy. 0.4º
I and Q amplitude balance: 0.1 dB
piX Phantom

Optimized to evaluate elongated implants, and active implants with one or more leads

Size: 1200 x 240 x 240 mm. The probe mounting locations allow the measurement of the lead at a number of different locations, which can be customised on demand

Materials: the phantom is composed of transparent acrylic glass; the race track is composed of FR4
Compatible with sugar-, salt-, and oil-based tissue simulating media

Include draining tap for easy maintenance

DASY6 AIMD Smooth integration with DASY6 AIMD measurement system
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