Medical Implant Test System (MITS) for 3.0 Tesla RF Safety Evaluation

MITS3.0 is designed to simulate high-precision incident fields with user-defined modulation and time sequences as generated by commercial 3.0 Tesla magnetic resonance scanners (also enables worst-case incident field conditions). The system combines cutting-edge technology with accuracy, versatility and user-friendliness. The open user interface allows customized, automated evaluations.
MITS3.0 closely follows the concept of the latest draft of the ISO/IEC standard for Active Medical Implant Devices. The system has been rigorously validated. A Sim4Life numerical model of the birdcage is available.
The system is supported by the DASY6 AIMD scanner, from our sister company SPEAG for rapid and high precision SAR and temperature evaluations. However, MITS systems are standalone products and do not require the DASY6NEO scanner.

Material Transparent Plexiglass (PMMA)
Liquid compatibility Compatible with sugar- and oil-based tissue simulating media.
  Not compatible with Triton or DGBE-based liquids.
Dimensions Length 500 mm; Height 300 mm; Width 90 mm
  Submerged depth of implant 84 mm
Wall thickness 11 mm
Racetrack material FR-4 Glass reinforced epoxy
Racetrack dimensions Length 336 mm; Height 131.7 mm
  Width x 1 track 2.1 mm; Width x 3 tracks 26.3 mm
  Track spacing 10mm
Amplitude and phase along top of racetrack   Etan 75 ± 5% of Emax
  Phase 0 ± 8°

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