Anechoic Chamber--AC190

  • Description
AC190 provides a reliable and stable test environment for microphones and microphone modules.Can be used with custom jig used for testing SPK, Mic Module’s I / O QC rapid detection.
  • Features

1. High isolation against background noise.
2. Sound Isolation Ability: >20 dB(A-Weighting) SPL ref. 20uPa
3. Portable size and weight
4. Designed for production line use
5. Flexible upper cover design
6. Auto scanner function (Option)

Outside Dimension W:19cm * D:19cm * H:18cm
Net Weight ~ 4 Kg
Coustruction Phenolic Plastics
Sound Insuation Ability >20dB(A-Weighting) SPL ref. 20uPa
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