Anechoic Chamber--PB4

  • Description
PB4 provides a reliable and stable acoustic test environment for speakers and microphones components, earphones, Mobile-phone, tablet, smart speaker box, etc. It also provides I/O control port to automate control box opening/closing and microphone sealing test.
  • Features

1. High isolation against background noise.
2. Uniform sound field across the measurement plane.
3. Sound Isolation Ability:>40 dB (A-Weighting) SPL ref. 20u Pa.
4. Space for under 10” pad.
5. Customization Fixture

Outside Dimension: Closing: D: 895 mm * W:822 mm * H:760 mm 
  Opening: D:895 mm * W:822 mm * H:1180 mm
Inside Dimension: D:410 mm * W:410 mm * H:410 mm
Net Weight: ~ 150 Kg
Construction: Aluminum
Sound Isolation Ability: > 40dB(A-Weighting) SPL ref. 20uPa
Power Request: 100-240V,50/60Hz, 2A
Interface: Default –BNC*8, USB*2, RJ45*1, DB-9pin*1, AC Power jack or customization
Operation: Air Cylinder Automatic Control
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