Anechoic Chamber--TB1

  • Description
TB1 provides a reliable and stable test environment for speakers, microphones, earphones, Mobile-phone and ultra-sound transducers. It also provides I/O control port to automate plug/unplug audio jack. It is designed for testing cell phones.
  • Features

1. Insulation against background noise
2. Sound Insulation Ability: >35dB(A-Weighting) SPL ref. 20uPa
3. Portable size and weight
4. Designed for production line use
5. Customization Fixture

Outside Dimension L:80cm * W:67cm * H:57cm
Inside Dimension L:42cm * W:47cm * H:33cm
Net Weight ~ 85 Kg
Construction Aluminum
Sound Insulation Ability >30dB(A-Weighting) SPL ref. 20uPa
Operating Working Space ~ 1000mm(L) x 800mm(H)
Operation Air Cylinder Automatic Control


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