Phantoms for Phase Enhancement Assessment in MR Scanners

The ASTM2009 phantom is compatible with the phantom specified in the ASTM Standard of 2009 for testing passive implants. A probe positioner is also available and has been designed to position up to 4 SPEAG probes simultaneously. The phantom can be used in both clinical and laboratory environments (MITS1.5 or MITS3.0).

ZMT also provides a vertical version of the ASTM phantom for measurements in vertical MITS1.5 or MITS3.0.
An implant holder can be provided upon request.

Material Transparent Plexiglass (PMMA)
Liquid compatibility Compatible with sugar- and oil-based tissue simulating media.
  Not compatible with Triton or DGBE-based liquids.
Dimensions Length 650 mm; Height 165 mm; Width 420 mm
Wall thickness Sidewall 6 ± 0.2 mm
  Bottom 12 ± 0.2 mm
Empty weight Approximately 7.2 kg
Probe positioner Made of PMMA
  Allow accurate positioning of all SPEAG probes.
  Up to 4 probes can be positioned at the same time.

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