The SEMCAD X Matterhorn ELF Solution comprises a family of quasi-static solvers for modeling extremely low frequency (ELF) and static applications, and movements in static fields. The novel implementation of electro and magnetic static and quasi-static approximations of Maxwell’s equation on a rectangular grid significantly extends the performance of SEMCAD X Matterhorn. Seamless integration into our highly advanced user-friendly GUI supports expanded applications in highly complex structures.
Application Areas
Selected Features
  • 3D magnetostatic (vector potential + Biot-Savart) and magneto quasistatic simulations
  • 3D Electrostatic (ES) and electro quasi-static (EQS) simulation
  • Generalized Huygens source
  • FEM-based (rectilinear grids), MPI parallelized
  • Use of magnetic field data measured using MAGPy as the source to simulate induced field in a phantom
  • Automated simulation & analysis process for WPT compliance assesment

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