Framework for MRI receive coil array design, optimization, and performance verification (based on simulation results or experimental data).
Contents MUSAIK enables the user to import simulation results of array coils and assess their parallel imaging capabilities. Equivalent analysis is available for experimentally obtained data, allowing accurate verification for a range of different design processes or to evaluate simulation model fidelity. The user can evaluate signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and 2D parallel MRI g-factor maps from simulated and/or experimental datasets.
  • Troubleshoot defective Rx channels and coil isolation.
  • Troubleshoot simulation model accuracy or experimental outputs by comparing equivalent systems.
  • Compare different image reconstruction algorithms.
  • Verify performance of realized coil designs.
  • Study anatomy effects on g-factor.
  • 3-D analysis of array coil SNR and g-factor performance.
  • Complex noise correlation matrix calculation.
  • Explore channel compression by combining multiple array elements into a single channel.
  • Export complex composite datasets for dedicated postprocessing.
  • Analyze ratio images to asses regional SNR or g-factor gains.
  • Assess 3-D average or maximum SNR gain for localized ROI.
  • SNR/g-factor displays to help gauge image quality limitations.
  • Data converters for Bruker Biospin, GE Healthcare, Philips Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare and Toshiba Medical.

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