The Quasi-Static Electromagnetic Solvers (P-EM-QS) enable the efficient modeling of static and quasi-static EM regimes by applying the finite element method on graded voxel meshes.
  • The solvers address the most challenging low frequency problems at the cutting edge of medical and EM compliance applications, such as simulations of EEG, MRI gradient coil fields, transcranial magnetic or current stimulation, and deep brain and spinal cord stimulator implants.Each solver is optimized for a different approximation of Maxwell’s equations, offering improved speed, convergence, and accuracy for a wide range of scenarios.
  • Measured data and user-defined field or current distributions can be used as sources.
  • The P-EM-QS solvers have been validated and the uncertainties have been quantified using analytical and full-wave solutions and by comparison with measurement data.
  • MRI RF Coil Design w/ Gradient Interaction
  • MRI Tx RF Coil Design w/ Gradient Interaction & Safety
  • MRI Gradient Coil Design
  • EEG / ECG
  • Deep Brain & Spinal Cord Implants
  • WPT Compliance Assesment
  • LF Hyperthermia (e.g., with nanoparticles)
  • Magneto Hemo-Dynamics
  • Sound Exposure (e.g., in MRI)
  • Transcranial Magnetic or Current Stimulation
  • Neuro-Prosthetics (retina, cochlea, vestibular, motor)
  • Neuro-Motoric Incapacitation
  • EM Neuro-Stimulation
  • High LF EM Field Safety Assessment (e.g., MR Gradient Coils)
  • Physiotherapy Heating
  • Magnetic Navigation
  • Defibrilator Analysis
  • Pacemakers
  • Electrostatic and Electro quasi-static
  • Magnetostatic and Magneto quasi-static with constant permeability
  • Coupled with Thermal solvers
  • Automated simulation & analysis process for WPT compliance assesment
  • 3D static solver
  • 3D LF solvers, E/H integrated into Sim4Life
  • FEM based (rectilinear grids)
  • Floating metals in ES and EQS
  • Automatic simulation termination
  • Tools to create anisotropic conductivity distributions
  • Use of magnetic field data measured using MAGPy as the source to simulate induced field in a phantom
  • Non-homogeneous intelligent gridder engine (geometry detection)
  • Results of S-Parameters
  • Extracted vs. frequency or in steady state

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