The penetrating blood oxygen module is used for the finger clip oximeter test instrument, which needs to be connected to the AECG100 host for testing. It can adjust the parameters of red light and infrared light and emit light to the hand-clamped object to be measured to measure the corresponding blood oxygen value, and provide the best position detection and dynamic light intensity adjustment functions, allowing users to measure in the best position of the light signal Adjust the emitted light intensity synchronously with the light intensity of the object to be measured.


•Blood Oxygen Simulator for Manufacturer R&D

•Specially test the performance of penetrating oximeters (such as finger clip oximeters, patient oximeters…)

•Flexible SpO 2 Parameter Adjustment – Adjustable SpO 2 R & IR AC/DC values

•PPG waveform output – PPG waveform parameters such as amplitude/time/heart rhythm of R/IR can be adjusted, and R/IR can be set to output different standard waveforms to verify PD receiving capability

•R-Curve Creation – Custom/Load Oximeter R-Curve

•Multiple signal overlay options – Sine / Triangle / Square / PPG, 7 kinds of noise / 14 kinds of ambient light signal options

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