At the core of Sim4Life is a comprehensive set of computable human phantoms empowered by the most powerful physics solvers and the most advanced tissue models that provide a realistic biological and anatomical environment for conducting fundamental mechanistic studies, testing the effectiveness and safety of medical devices and treatments, and supplementing clinical trials.
  • Based on the Virtual Population ViP3.0 models of the IT’IS Foundation at ETH Zurich, the computable phantoms are functionalized for prediction of real-world biological and physiological phenomena for any defined patient population. All tissues are linked to a continually updated physical properties database.
  • The powerful Sim4Life meshers allow high-fidelity discretization of the complex computable human phantoms combined with any implant or external device.
  • A complementary interactive morpher allows the demographic coverage of the parameterized anatomical models to be extended, e.g., to explore underrepresented or pathological anatomies in clinical trials. A flexible physics-based poser is also included with the models.
  • Physicians and biologists rigorously validate the models and the associated database. Comprehensive documentation for all natively supported computable human phantoms is available.
  • Native support for the latest generation of the Virtual Population ViP3.x
  • Neuro-functionalized Virtual Population ViP 4.0 models: Yoon-sun V4.0 and Jeduk V4.0
  • Largest library of 3D high resolution CAD-based phantoms available on the market
  • Grid-independent (not based on voxel data), CAD-based anatomical phantom data
  • More than 15 full body anatomical human phantoms
  • More than 10 anatomical head models (children, adult, male, female, European, Asian)
  • High resolution head model with integrated detailed deep brain structures and anisotropy information
  • Dedicated ViP Hands Library, consisting of 12 right hands and parts of the forearm
  • Posable anatomical models and support for the parameterization of additional models
  • Poser based on biomechanical FEM simulation
  • Interactive model morphing tool
  • Extensive online literature-based tissue parameter database
  • Integrated generation of high quality surface models from voxel and image data
Human Models

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